Strong professional networks and connections to premier European sale barns allow Kraut access to elite, well-bred young horses. This access is coupled with her proven ability to identify young horses with the talent and disposition needed to develop into top competition horses. Her resume in choosing outstanding equine athletes includes international superstars such as Miss Independent, Anthem, Liberty, Cedric and Tortola, to name a few.



Throughout her career, Kraut consistently demonstrates her ability to connect with the horse and maximize its potential. She develops trusting relationships with her horses and allows the horse’s natural way of going to dictate the path of training. Her sensitive methods produce horses that are happy, healthy and willing to perform and win at the highest levels.

Competition Horses


Maximizing the knowledge and experiences from her astounding international show jumping career, Olympian Laura Kraut effectively coaches and teaches prospective show jumping competitors to their highest potential. With this solid foundation in place, Kraut coaches and trains horses and riders to develop the skills and confidence required to be competitive at the top international competition levels.